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Plane Castle, also known as Cock-a-Bendy Castle, is a 15th century Tower House. The original wooden tower structure was built at some point in the 1300's. In 1449 this was replaced with the stone tower you see today. It was inhabited right up until the 1950's then left abandoned and fell into ruin. That was until it was bought in the early 90's and lovingly restored to the magnificent building that now stands. The owners were careful to retain as much of the original structure and interiors as possible. Their care and dedication means 21st century visitors can step back in time and have an authentic experience in this medieval property. With 600 years of history under its belt, Plane Castle is bound to have visitors of the spirit kind! Past guests have reported footsteps, strange banging, doors opening and closing, being pushed or touched by unseen hands and disembodied voices. Join us, as we head back to the medieval times and see who we can meet! 

Plane Castle

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