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Renfrew Victory Baths

Sat 19th Nov 9pm-3am

Opened in 1921 the Renfrew Victory Baths were gifted to the the town by Sir Frederick Lobnitz. His background was as a shipbuilder but during the first world war he became Director of Munitions for Scotland. After the horrors of war, Lobnitz generously funded the Victory Baths to give something back to the people of Renfrew. The building still has many of its original features and is home to a few paranormal residents. There have been previous accounts of apparitions, mysterious lights and disembodied footsteps. Join us on our investigation and see what may present it's self to you. 

Ticket price £35 per person.

Limited number available. 

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Britannia Panopticon Music Hall

and Guest Mediums 

Saturday 4th March 10pm-2am


Join us at the world's oldest surviving music hall for a night of investigating and readings from our guest mediums. As a nod to the Victorian spiritualist's that were popular among the "Speciality Act's" of the music hall, our guest mediums will be taking to the stage to hopefully pass on any messages from beyond the veil. Once the demonstration of mediumship has concluded, our gest mediums will be with us for the remainder of the night to participate in our investigation. Converted from warehouse to music hall in 1857, the Britannia still stands with its original features intact, including reports of some of its original performers and rowdy audience members! This is a rare opportunity and Unlocked Paranormal are privileged to be granted access to such an important part of Glasgow's past. Please join us in investigating this historical gem, and maybe you will be lucky enough to encounter its residents!  


Ticket Price £40 per person.

Limited numbers available. 

Britannia Outside.jpg


Inverary Jail  

Saturday 29th April 8:30pm-1:00am


Inverary Jail is our second event for 2023. A well-known location for its paranormal activity, this jail is sure not to disappoint! The Jail and Courthouse were completed in 1820, the original prison block contained eight cells for Men, Women, Children and those at the time who were deemed "insane".  By 1848 a New Prison was completed comprising of twelve cells over three floors with much better conditions. Inverary Jail is one of the larger venues we investigate, covering the two cell blocks and courthouse. With reports of shadow entities, loud footsteps, disembodied voices and other creepy unexplained phenomena, why not come along and help us investigate this vast and intriguing location.   


Ticket Price £35 per person.

Limited numbers available. 


Provan Hall   

Saturday 21st October 9:30pm-3:00am


Provan Hall situated in Easterhouse; Glasgow is one of the towns oldest known structures. It is best described as a fortified medieval country house, dating back to the1460's and is considered to be an example of one of Scotland's best-preserved buildings from the period. The building itself is actually two houses separated by a courtyard, notable residents have included King James V and Mary Queen of Scots. A building as old as Provan Hall is unsurprisingly going to have some unexplained goings on, previous activity includes faces at windows, full body apparitions, disembodied voices and people being touched. A fantastic venue, not to be missed, get your tickets now and you might be lucky enough to bump into the famous Queen of Scots! 


EARLY BIRD DEAL Ticket Price £25 per person.

Limited numbers available. 

Provan Hall_edited.jpg
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