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Check back here for new events added, you can also find updates on our social network feeds, just click the link at the side of the page.

Confirmation of your event booking will be sent via email. It may end up in your junk/spam folder so check there if you haven't received anything in your inbox. Spaces are limited for events, if your payment is accepted after an event has sold out we will provide you a full refund. 



South Dalziel Historic Building  

Saturday 22nd June 8:30pm-2:00am

South Dalziel Historic Building is a beautiful former church built in 1789. It's known as one of the oldest surviving buildings in Motherwell so is sure to have a rich history. Previous staff have experienced activity that's assumed to be from a spirit with connections to the building when it was a church. Is there one particular spirit who still visits? Does the congregation still return or are other unseen visitors present? Why not investigate with us as we try and uncover the potential haunting of South Dalziel Historic Building. 

Ticket Price £35 per person.

Limited numbers available. 



Renfrew Victory Baths   

Saturday 21st September 8:30pm-2:00am

We return to the magnificent Renfrew Victory Baths, the home of multiple unexplained occurrences. A gift from Sir Frederick Lobnitz to the people of Renfrew, the baths were opened on the 19th of September 1921. Days just after the building turns 103 years old, we will be there to investigate and hopefully experience some of the paranormal activity the baths have become known for. Grab your torch and come along to help us investigate and celebrate 103 years of this wonderful building. You never know, there might also be cake!  

Ticket Price £35 per person.

Limited numbers available. 


Plane Castle    

Saturday 26th October 8:30pm-2:00am

Plane Castle, also known as Cock-a-Bendy Castle, is a 15th century Tower House. The original wooden tower structure was built at some point in the 1300's. In 1449 this was replaced with the stone tower you see today. It was inhabited right up until the 1950's then left abandoned and fell into ruin. That was until it was bought in the early 90's and lovingly restored to the magnificent building that now stands. The owners were careful to retain as much of the original structure and interiors as possible. Their care and dedication means 21st century visitors can step back in time and have an authentic experience in this medieval property. With 600 years of history under its belt, Plane Castle is bound to have visitors of the spirit kind! Past guests have reported footsteps, strange banging, doors opening and closing, being pushed or touched by unseen hands and disembodied voices. Join us, as we head back to the medieval times and see who we can meet! 

Ticket Price £35 per person.

Limited numbers available. 


Mains Castle 

*Sleep Over Event*    

Saturday 23rd November 8:30pm-TBC

Mains Castle in Dundee, dates from 1562, built by David Graham who was later beheaded in Edinburgh in 1593. The castle is said to be haunted by young children, a murdered woman and a "dark presence". Visitors to the castle have reported disembodied voices, laughing children, furniture moving on it's own, footsteps and seeing children playing on the grounds at unusual times. The Unlocked Paranormal team will be packing their sleeping bags and spending the night there. Why not join us, there's strength in numbers after all!

 You are at no obligation to sleep over.  

If during the investigation you decide you no longer wish to spend the night, just let a team member know and they can escort you out. 

More info on arrangements will be emailed on purchase of tickets. 

Ticket Price £40 per person.

Limited numbers available. 

Mains Castle_edited.jpg


Previous Investigations  


The following is a selection of previous places we have investigated. These investigations were either as a team, our public events or as individuals. Feel free to ask us about our previous investigations, we would love to answer any questions you may have. 



30 East Drive

Bannockburn House

Britannia Panopticon

Buda Castle District 

Cathedral House Hotel 

Cultybraggan POW Camp

Edinburgh Vaults

Fyvie Castle

Glasgow Necropolis

Grayfriers Kirkyard

Hack Green Nuclear Bunker

Inveraray Jail

Jedburgh Jail

Mary Kings Close 

Museum of Flight 

North East Aircraft Museum
Provan Hall 

Renfrew Victory Baths

Scotland's Secret Bunker
Stirling Jail

The Hill House

And many more! 

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