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Check back here for new events added, you can also find updates on our social network feeds, just click the link at the side of the page.

Confirmation of your event booking will be sent via email. It may end up in your junk/spam folder so check there if you haven't received anything in your inbox. Spaces are limited for events, if your payment is accepted after an event has sold out we will provide you a full refund. 




The Hill House  

Saturday 3rd June 8:00pm-2:00am


In Helensburgh there can be found a building known as The Hill House. This masterpiece was dreamed up by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his wife Margaret Macdonald. They designed nearly everything you see at the house today, from the architecture to the wallpaper! Left with the original interiors, entering The Hill House is like stepping back to the early 1900's. With such a beautiful building, it's no wonder the original occupants still choose to stick around! Visitors have previously reported strange sounds, smells, light anomalies and full bodied apparitions. Whether you want to investigate the paranormal or just experience the atmosphere of a house frozen in time, then come join the team at the stunning Hill House. We look forward to seeing you.    


Ticket Price £35 per person.

Limited numbers available. 


  Sold Out

Jedburgh Castle Jail

Sat 5th August 08:30pm-2am

Built in the 1820's on the site of the Burgh's medieval castle, Jedburgh Jail and the land it's built on is steeped in history. The original 12th century castle was demolished in the 1400's to prevent it being used as fortifications by the English. The site was then used for executions and the gallows were constructed there. By the 1820's the last remnants of the old castle were removed and the prison we know today was built. Paranormal activity in the area has been reported dating as far back as 1249, when in the original castle Alexander III witnessed a spirit who warned of his death. In more modern times there have been reports of poltergeist activity, shadow figures, disembodied voices and unexplained images caught on camera. This is a venue that will be thrilling to investigate and is sure to leave a chill down your spine. Come and join us while we investigate, we would definitely welcome the company at this legendary active location!

Ticket Price £35 per person.

Limited numbers available. 






Event Passed


St Andrew's Hospice Shop Hamilton 5:30pm-8pm

119 Quarry Street Hamilton 

Monday 2nd October

The team at St Andrews Hospice Shop have noticed some strange activity in their building so have asked for our help with a short investigation. Staff have witnessed disembodied footprints, items being moved on their own and the feeling of being pushed. The building dates from roughly 1880 and was previously the Royal Hotel. Tickets are £10 and available to buy from in store. Included in your ticket will be light refreshments, an Angel card pulled for you and a little gift. There will also be private readings available for £10 should anyone want one. The shop will be providing late night shopping as well. All the money raised will be going back to St Andrews Hospice. Space is limited so don't be disappointed and make sure to pop in for a ticket. 



Screenshot 2023-09-07 21.13.40.png




Provan Hall   

Saturday 21st October 8:30pm-2:00am


Provan Hall situated in Easterhouse; Glasgow is one of the towns oldest known structures. It is best described as a fortified medieval country house, dating back to the1460's and is considered to be an example of one of Scotland's best-preserved buildings from the period. The building itself is actually two houses separated by a courtyard, notable residents have included King James V and Mary Queen of Scots. A building as old as Provan Hall is unsurprisingly going to have some unexplained goings on, previous activity includes faces at windows, full body apparitions, disembodied voices and people being touched. A fantastic venue, not to be missed, get your tickets now and you might be lucky enough to bump into the famous Queen of Scots! 


Ticket Price £35 per person.

Limited numbers available. 

Provan Hall_edited.jpg


Bannockburn House   

Saturday 13th January 8:30pm-2:00am


For our first investigation of 2024 we return to the well known and well haunted Bannockburn House! A notable guest to the house was the famous Bonnie Prince Charlie and in the 60's the property was owned by the millionaire showman Albert Ernest Pickard.  This 17th century A-listed building has everything you would expect of a haunted mansion. Spooky basements, creepy bedrooms and eerie feelings all round, your sure for a chill up your spine at Bannockburn House.

You know the old saying "Early Investigator, catches the Ghost!" so get your early bird deal before its too late.    

Early Bird Deal

Ticket Price £30 per person.

Limited numbers available. 


Neidpath Castle  

Thursday 11th April 8:30pm-2:00am

Dating from 1190, Neidpath Castle is steeped in the history of the Scottish Borders, with Royal guests including Mary Queen of Scotts (she does get around!) and James the VI. The castle is said to be haunted by a broken hearted spirit, who doesn't particularly like others enjoying them self. She has been known in the past to have terrible tantrums while in the castle. Will you be lucky, or unlucky enough to witness this heartbroken lady? Come and join us on this unique midweek investigation, and soak in the atmosphere of this picturesque castle for your self.      

Mid Week Price

Ticket Price £32 per person.

Limited numbers available. 

Neidpath Castle_edited_edited.jpg


Previous Investigations  


The following is a selection of previous places we have investigated. These investigations were either as a team, our public events or as individuals. Feel free to ask us about our previous investigations, we would love to answer any questions you may have. 



30 East Drive

Bannockburn House

Britannia Panopticon

Buda Castle District 

Cathedral House Hotel 

Cultybraggan POW Camp

Edinburgh Vaults

Fyvie Castle

Glasgow Necropolis

Grayfriers Kirkyard

Hack Green Nuclear Bunker

Inveraray Jail

Jedburgh Jail

Mary Kings Close 

Museum of Flight 

North East Aircraft Museum
Provan Hall 

Renfrew Victory Baths

Scotland's Secret Bunker
Stirling Jail

The Hill House

And many more! 

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