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What we're all about.

The team here at Unlocked Paranormal have years of investigative experience behind us and believe that everyone should have the chance to investigate the paranormal. We offer the opportunity to come and explore interesting and potentially haunted locations in a safe and respectful manner

Equipment and Techniques

During our investigations we will use different types of equipment and techniques, from night vision cameras to dowsing rods. Technology is great for evidence gathering but sometimes the simple methods of communication are the most effective. If you have your own equipment please feel free to bring it along, it's always nice to see what others like to work with and share ideas. Below are some examples of the equipment we use. 


                                      Spirit Box

                                                 The Spirit Box is a piece of equipment used to communicate with spirits. The theory behind this, is that                                                     the spirits can use radio frequencies to communicate. The Spirit Box will use radio frequency                                            sweeps to create white noise from  FM and AM bands. It is suggested that these FM and AM                                          bands may provide spirits with the energy they need to be heard. When using the box and a                                          spirit tries to communicate, you may hear voices or sounds coming through the static. It is                                                believed these voices or sounds are spirits, as the FM and AM band sweeps are too rapid to                                          allow a discernible radio station through. 

                     K2 Meter

                          The K2 Meter is an electromagnetic field detector (EMF). It is designed to detect changes in the                                             electromagnetic field in the area you are in. EMF meters are commonly used to find live wires in                                             walls or detect the levels of EMF in work environments (high levels can be harmful). Paranormal                                               investigators will use EMF meters to detect energy changes in their environment. With the advent of                                         more and more technology, there is always a low level of background EMF. Everything needs a                                             form of energy to function, this includes spirits, the theory is that they can use or manipulate the                                               background EMF to light up a response on the K2 device.


                           EMF Bear

  The EMF Bear is designed to attract the spirits of children. Spirits may not recognise

                        or want to interact with modern looking devices, so we disguise them! Using items such as toys  or music boxes is a good way to make equipment more appealing to spirits.






                        Dowsing Rods

                         Dowsing is an ancient technique for finding things that are hidden. The ancient Egyptians, Babylonians,                                  Romans and many more cultures practiced the art of dowsing. Traditionally a split reed or Y shaped branches                            were used. Now we use L shaped rods. With a steady hand, the rods are held and the spirits are asked to                             give yes or no answers by manipulating the rods. 

These are just a few examples of what you may be able to use during one of our investigations. You might have your own experience with other types of equipment, or you might have no experience at all. Either way we will give you full guidance

and direction when attempting to communicate with the spirit world. 



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